Parmesan Roast Potatoes

Potatoes are probably my favourite things ever! You can do so many different versions of it. Proper roast potatoes obviously had to be on my list of must-conquers. Here’s what worked for me.

Time: 1 hour  Portions: 4-5


8-10 Large potatoes
2 tbls flour
2 tbls parmesan
Black pepper
1/4 Vegetable oil
2 tsp paprika


Preheat oven to 200°C. Skin the potatoes and cut them into quarters. Boil them in salt water for 15min. Drain them in a colander and really shake them around so the edges are roughened. Combine the flour, parmesan, black pepper, paprika and a pinch of salt. Coat the potatoes in the mixture and make sure it’s covered on all sides.

Pour the oil into a roasting tray and place it in the oven (without the potatoes) for 5min. Remove and put the potatoes in the hot oil and make sure it gets covered completely. Place back in the oven for 45min, turning them half way.


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